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College Market

RheaSunshine is available for performances at colleges and Universities all over the country.  For more information, please contact her college booking agent at



Rhea Carmon is a dynamic motivational speaker that challenges students and teachers to bring their best to every day.  As a teacher, Rhea is able to connect with her peers and connect with students on a deeper level. Through sharing her stories of personal growth, overcoming sickness and other obstacles, Rhea finds a way to connect to people of all ages and walks of life.  There is no doubt that she is needed at your school, so book her and watch her transform your school.  Sessions with Rhea can be focused on several topics:

  • Socio-Emotional Learning

  • PBIS

  • Staff Development

Performance/ Hosting

RheaSunshine is available to book for all your special occasions.  Poetry at weddings, funerals, engagements, and even private dates are in her repertoire of writing.  She is also a prolific event hostess.  Having hosted the How Stage at Bonnaroo 2019, the Big Ears Poetry slam, and countless other events, she will create an environment where all people are welcome and enjoy themselves.  For more information email