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NACA Southern Regional Conference

For the first time, I attended the NACA Southern Regional Conference in Atlanta, GA. It was from September 27 - 29 and it was amazing. I met some amazing artists and learned a ton about the college market. Students were interesting and engaging. I watched artists take the stage and show why they are showcasing artists. I also learned how to engage students as they walked pass my booth.

There is so much more that I can do as an artist. I am grinding even more every day. I will start sending out a newsletter every two weeks. In this newsletter, you will find new poetry, encouraging words, and updates on the work that I am doing with RheaSunshine Poetry and The 5th Woman. You will also start seeing some new stuff on my youtube channel and my facebook page.

In life, we all have goals and dreams. I am working to make my dreams and goals happen. Its been about 3 years ago, I talked to my Aunt Tina and she said something that sticks with me and motivates me everyday. She simply said that I had to put "feet to my faith". I understood her statement loud and clear. It was time to put action behind my faith and not only believe that God would do it, but also move in such a way that showed that I believed He was doing it. Attending this conference was exactly that, it was my feet attached to my faith and I believe that it will pay off.

Special thanks to the Knoxville Arts and Culture Alliance for providing the means for me to attend the conference and be a part of this amazing organization. I also want to thank my -God-sent husband, Marcus Carmon. He has been the most supportive person through all my hopes, desires, wants and needs. I can only pray that other women find somebody as dedicated and encouraging as he is to me!

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